Aviv Biomedical is committed to providing the best service possible. We have and will maintain your instrument for many years to come. In a few cases third party suppliers of essential components have discontinued their products, making it impossible for Aviv to fully support older instruments. Therefore it is necessary to define the level of support available for your particular instrument.

For service directly from Aviv Biomedical:
Please call us at +1 (732) 370-1300.
E-mail us at service@avivbiomedical.com
FAX us at +1 (732) 370-1303.

To request software updates:
Please complete the request form and we will contact you.

For service from International Representatives:
Download list of Hematofluorometer representatives
Download list of Scientific Instrument representatives

Instruments manufactured by Aviv that run DOS computers are at risk because there are no replacement computers. Please consider upgrading these instruments. In a few cases obsolete parts do have replacements available.

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