The Aviv Circular Dichroism Spectrometer, Model 430, records CD as a function of wavelength, time, temperature, pH and concentration. A double monochromator containing two UV grade prisms as dispersing elements provide monochromatic light. Right and left circularly polarized light is produced by a 50 KHz photoelastic modulator. Focusing optics produce the smallest spot size in the industry, allowing the use of microcells without additional lenses or apertures. The instrument includes software by AVIV for instrument control, data acquisition, processing, and publication quality presentations in a Windows environment. All experiment parameters are accessed through pull down menus. Control panels allow easy entry of all data acquisition parameters.

New Features for the Model 430 include smaller, more efficient lamp power supply, smaller, more efficient temperature controller, and a direct drive slit mechanism.

An extensive list of experiment modes are available. This includes Wavelength and Temperature Schedules. These modes allow the user to create arbitrary lists of wavelengths or temperatures for measurements. These modes allow key elements to be monitored without the time of performing entire scans. Macro experiments have always been available, with an extensive library of automated experiments.

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