Light Source:
400 watt quartz halogen.

Wavelength Range:
190 nm – 2000 nm (determined by IR detector selected by user).

Rochon MgF2.

Photoelastic Modulator:
50 kHz manufactured by Aviv

Stray Light:
Less than 0.0001% between 240 nm and 500 nm

Wavelength Accuracy:
± 0.4 nm throughout wavelength range. 

Wavelength Repeatability:
Better than 0.05 nm (typically 0.02).

Wavelength Resolution:
0.1 nm in most of UV-VIS range.

Selectable Bandwidth:
0.03 nm to 10 nm.

Photometric Display:
Numeric and graphical display on screen.

Photometric Digital Display Range:
Any range to +/-5000 millidegrees (5 degrees)

High speed A/D Converters:
16 bit resolution external to CPU.
Chopper required for NIR scans.

Auto subtract.

Repetitive Scan Mode:
Keeps all repeats or just the average.
Noise reduction by integration and/or repetitive scanning.


Pentium PC, current model, NETWORK READY 
WINDOWS™ Operating System
Hard disk, CD ROM, parallel port
USB communications, external A/D board

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.